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Frequently Asked Questions

There are over 1,000 products available through 3Star Sportswear Limited that you can customize: t-shirts, polos, sport shirts, caps, team uniforms, gifts & so much more. Browse our site to find exactly what you’re looking for, or give us a call at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226 Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com for assistance.

There are many ways to customize apparel and other items on 3Star Sportswear Limited. You can go to “Create your own design” and upload a company logo or personal image, create your own text elements or use any of our free design templates and clipart images to design custom apparel and other items for your business, group or event. Our Online Designer’s roster system makes it easy to add personalized names and numbers to team or group apparel.

There are minimums in some of the items we carry, however, If you are looking to fulfill a larger order volume, we recommend that you call us at1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com to work directly with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to ensure you get the best possible pricing and provide you with a direct line of contact regarding your order.

Available decoration locations will vary by product. Some of the standard decoration locations for shirts, sweatshirts and jackets are: left chest area, right chest area, left sleeve, right sleeve, full front and full back. Some hooded apparel can be decorated on the hood. Hem placements and below back collar decorations are available for certain shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Caps can typically be decorated on the front and back.

Not all possible decoration locations may be present in the Online Designer. If you want to decorate an item in a location that is not currently available online, please call us at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226 Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com. Many times, we will be able to accommodate unique requests and offer suggestions of additional placements to enhance your order.

The Online Designer allows you to see a preview of your custom apparel or product as you design it. Please note that this preview is not an exact representation, and is meant only to give you a general idea of the end result. We have standard locations for decoration (e.g., left/right chest areas, back, under back collar) that may vary slightly from what you see in your Online Designer preview. Our production team will always work to make sure your design looks its best on the custom apparel products you order. Slight deviations between the Online Designer preview and your final product should not be considered errors.

We offer a variety of size and fit options that vary based on the product you choose. Our fit options include classic, athletic, slim, juniors, semi-fitted.

If you have any questions about a product’s size or fit, please feel free to contact us at1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com.

Sometimes you need to get custom apparel in a hurry. Most of our custom products are delivered in approximately one week. However, we offer a limited selection of custom printed products with extremely fast turnaround, some of which can be delivered in as little as three business days at a surcharge. please call to get these charges at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com

Design Online

Decoration Options


Our embroidery process creates a hand-made, stitched, professional look perfect for your business, group or sports team.
To embroider your own logo onto custom apparel, we first have to digitize the file, or turn your image into a rich, three-dimensional format perfect for embroidery.
A costing for both digitizing and embroidery would be given once you email the logo which you need embroidered and the required specifications (position of logo, size, etc.)

There are two types of embroidery:

  • Small Format Embroidery – left/right chest, sleeves and small back placements; maximum embroidery size for shirts is approx. 4″w x 4″h; letters can be embroidered as small as 0.25″ high.
  • Cap or Visor Embroidery – maximum embroidery size for custom baseball caps is 4.2″w x 2.1″h; maximum embroidery size for visors is 4.2″w x 1.1″h.; letters can be embroidered as small as 0.25″ high.

Quoted embroidered product prices include a front, one location embroidery element. Additional locations will incur extra fees.
Please note: The digitized file is created in a proprietary format by our artwork team in order to give you the highest quality finished product available. Because of this, we cannot email or sell the digitized files. Your digitized logo will be saved in your account and can be used on any of our thousands of embroidery-ready products.
Embroidery is available on a wide variety of fabric types. Slight puckering or curling around an embroidered design may occur on lightweight, polyester garments due to high stitch counts or a high-density design. Our production team does everything possible to reduce this effect, but any remaining puckering is not considered a defect and is merely the result of using this decoration method on lighter fabric weights.

Sewn On Tackle Twill & Embroidery Appliqué

Sewn on Tackle Twill and Full Back Embroidery Appliqué, often used for sweatshirts, jackets and team uniforms, creates a nostalgic, upscale look with pieces of fabric (usually a poly/cotton twill) that are cut out and then sewn or embroidered.
A one-time, non-refundable digitizing fee will be charged for each uploaded image file. Full Back Embroidery Appliqué requires a one-time, non-refundable and may incur additional decoration costs. You will be prompted to accept these terms before designing a full back placement.
Before sewing your garments, we will email you a sew-out of your logo on a fabric swatch for your approval. Any delays in final design approval will delay your order.
Due to the labor-intensive nature of these decoration types, Sewn on Tackle Twill and Full Back Embroidery Appliqué decoration placements will add an additional 1 week turnaround to your order.
FREE embroidery setup promotion requires extensive embroidery design set-up investment. Any additions, deletions or alterations from the original design you provided will be charged a $100 alteration fee. If you wish to cancel your order, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged for the design setup investment.

Digital Printing & Screen-printing

We offer the most advanced imprinting capabilities in the industry. Whether you’ve uploaded your own image or photo, we’ll make sure it looks great on your product.
Screen-printing works well for vibrant designs (or designs on dark-colored apparel) using spot color printing or four-color process. The screen print process involves forcing ink through prepared screens of fine material to create designs. The maximum imprint size is 12″w x 12″h. Screen printing is generally used with quantities of 24 or more due to the extra setup required.
Digital printing is a direct-to-garment process where water-based inks are printed directly onto the product. Because the inks are absorbed into the fabric, this print method can only be used for 100% cotton products. Digital printing is used for full color designs, ideal for photo t-shirts. It offers less restrictions than screen-printing and can be used with a wider variety of file formats, including vector art, high resolution bitmap images or digital camera photos.

Digital Printing and Screen-printing Format Guidelines:

  • For best quality, images should be in vector art format. If those are not available, use a Raster/Bitmap file. Please seeArtwork Specificationsfor more information.
  • Create digital art design files so they can be opened in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Corel DRAW.
  • Preferred file formats: EPS, AI, CDR, WMF (Vector); PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PSD (Raster)
  • The colors in your uploaded image will be produced as they appear in the file, unless specified in the design comments. Exact printed colors and design may vary slightly from what you see on a computer screen.
  • Some very large vector files or non-standard uploaded images may not show a live preview in the Online Designer. However, they are acceptable and will be saved with your design.
Cadcut Printing

Cadcut Printing uses a high-performance print/cut technology to create contour-cut designs that are applied to garments with a heat-press. The specialized films are extremely durable and soft to the touch.
This application is a great method to apply team names & numbers to athletic uniforms and for decorating dark garments. With dark garments, we use an opaque film that prevents the garment color from bleeding through the graphic. This decoration method is also very popular on blend fabrics, such as polyester/cotton or tri-blend fabrics.
In addition to standard color choices, we also offer 8 glitter colors to give your design a little extra pop!
Cadcut designs can only be created using 2-color, vector designs no larger than 11.8″ x 11.8″. Full color images can be created using Versacamm.
To convert your design to a vector image, you must use Corel DRAW, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to save to outlines or along the curves. Once this is done, save the file to .eps format. NOTE: Not all .eps files are in vector format. You must convert them first and then save to this format.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation is a printing method used on dry performance or moisture management fabrics to maximize their wicking properties. Rather than applying a layer of ink or film like traditional printing methods, sublimation uses heat to dye polyester fibers without restricting air and moisture flow through the garment.
Sublimation means that you can have creative and complex designs on your garments. Unlike in the past where different coloured sections were created by sewing different coloured materials together. Now you can have different colours and designs on the same piece of material, allowing for more creative looks. I’m placing a repeat order or adding individual items to match an existing order. Will they be decorated the same as the first order?
We make every effort to ensure your product decoration will be consistent with prior orders. However, it is possible that the decoration method on a follow-up order may be different from your initial order. We determine decoration method based on a variety of factors, including quantity and number of decoration colors, in order to provide you with the best available decoration at the best possible price. If you have a concern about exact matching to a previous order, please contact our sales department at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com.


Our digitization process converts your logo into a stitch-ready format that our industrial embroidery machines use to decorate the garment of your choice. There is a one-time, non-refundable fee to digitize your logo for each embroidery size.
If you need assistance with digitizing your logo or with any other part of your order, please call our helpful sales representatives at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com.

for our production methods. These files are created in a proprietary format by our artwork team in order to give you the highest quality finished product available.
one-time, non-refundable digitizing fee will be charged to digitize each uploaded image file for Small Format Embroidery or Cap or Visor Embroidery. Full Back Embroidery Appliqué requires a one-time, non-refundable fee and may incur additional decoration costs. You will be prompted to accept these terms before designing a full back placement.
You will only pay the digitizing fee once per digitization size for each logo/image submitted. The digitized file will be saved in your account for use on future orders with 3Star Sportswear Limited. You can easily re-order the same product or select from thousands of different products (with no minimums or order restrictions) on our website. If you will be using a small format embroidery digitized logo on a cap, there may be a $100 edit fee required to adjust the design for use on the curved surface.
Please note that customers who cancel orders after a file has been digitized will still be charged the digitizing fee, even if it would have been waived had the order been processed.

Yes, each logo you wish to use on embroidered products must be digitized separately.

We recommend your artwork be at least 150 DPI or higher, preferably in a vector file format. Digitization looks best when logos are composed of large areas of solid colors with no gradients or fine lines, no photos and no small text. Text cannot be stitched smaller than 1/4″. We accept the following file formats for digitizing: PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF/TIFF, EPS, PS, WMF, AI, PSD, CDR, PDF, SVG and XCF.

Turn-around for digitization is usually around two business days. We will email you a digital proof of your logo for your approval. You must approve your logo before your order can go into production. Delays in approving your proof may result in delayed delivery dates.

Yes! We will provide you with a virtual proof of your logo via email in PDF format. A JPEG file may be requested if you are unable to open PDF files. You must approve your logo before it can be added to your account and before your order can go into production. Delays in approving your proof may result in delayed delivery dates.

Absolutely! We can accept digitized logos in DST format only. Once we receive your files, we can evaluate them and add designs to your account if they meet our stitch count requirements and quality standards. 3Star Sportswear limited is not responsible for final embroidery quality on orders created using a previously digitized logo file.

Yes! You can do this in a few ways. When checking out or designing your product online, simply leave a comment regarding what colors you’d like to change. You can also change your logo colors during the proof process via email with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. Once you approve the color changes, we will add your logo to your account. If you want to match specific PMS colors, please provide those colors so we can select the embroidery thread color closest to your desired color. CMYK and RGB values are not acceptable for color matching. You may request a thread chart for assistance selecting your final embroidery colors.

Once you paid the digitizing charges, yes you can have the digitizing file of your logo/design.

Most of our products offer design options on the back, down-the-sleeve, on the shoulders, and/or down-the-leg. To see if the product you are designing has one of these options available, simply look at the “ADD IMAGE LOCATIONS” panel, in the upper left corner of the online designer. Each small thumbnail represents an available decoration location.

When printing a design onto dark-colored garments, a white base-layer must be added first to ensure high print quality. A dark upcharge is added to products requiring this extra printed layer. The exact fee may vary based on decoration method, number of decoration locations per garment, and quantity of decorated items being ordered. If you have any questions or concerns about the dark upcharge, please contact our helpful sales team at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226 or email us at info@rossisports.com, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST

Jerseys are usually printed three ways: screen-printing, digital and cadcut printing process.
If you are placing a high quantity order, your jerseys may be screen printed.
Raster designs cannot be used for Digital and cadcut printing and must be converted into vector designs. To convert your design to a vector image, you must use CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to save to outlines or along the curves. Once this is done, save the file to .eps format. NOTE: Not all .eps files are in vector format. You must convert them first and then save to this format.
To learn more about the possible decoration methods for your specific order, please contact us at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com

Here are some of the available embroidery font options:

LOGO ONLY Display your logo up to 4″ x 4″

STRAIGHT TEXT Can use different fonts for each line

ARCHED TEXT Cannot use script fonts UPPER CASE suggested

ARCHED LOGO Cannot use script fonts

STRAIGHT LOGO Text can be above or below logo

PERSONALIZE YOUR NAME In Script or Block fonts

DIAMOND MONOGRAM Last name initial larger and in the center

THREE LETTER MONOGRAM Three letters normally laid out with the actual order of the name










Here are the available print font options:

Artwork Specifications

The 2 main types of artwork files we accept are Vector and Raster files. Please note that while these are the most common file types, we can work with just about any artwork provided to help you design your custom apparel.

Vector Images (preferred)

Vector images can be created in Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .svg, .eps, .pdf) or CorelDRAW (.cdr, .ai, .svg, .eps, .pdf). Vector images can be made any size without losing image quality.

When uploading vector image files into the Online Designer, please make sure:

  • You have removed any clipping masks.
  • You crop the document as close to the artwork as possible without touching the edges. A border of 1/8″ to 1/4″ would work well.
  • You convert all paths and all text to “outlines” or “curves” before saving to preserve your design.
  • Any Vector PDFs are saved as 1-page documents so you can view them properly in the Online Designer.

Raster Images

Raster images can be used for digital printing and process color printing. Raster images consist of small pixels of color that can be used to tweak, enhance and lighten photos. These images are created by scanning artwork or digital photographs, or by “painting” with a photo editing or paint program such as Corel PhotoPaint, Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.
Possible file formats are .png, .tif, .gif, .jpg, or .bmp. Transparent formats – .png, .tif – work best, and .png files are preferred. Unlike vector images, the quality of a raster image is directly related to the image’s resolution and dimension in pixels.
Images cannot be printed larger than they are saved without a loss of quality. For best results, you must create a high-resolution image at least as large as the area on which you will be printing, if not larger. Images taken from web sites may not be high resolution and may not reproduce well.
Image files should be high resolution (300dpi, no more than 1400dpi) and no more than 10,000 x 10,000 pixels in image size.

Additional Information:

  • While we can accept artwork created using word processing and presentation programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, these files may require work from our Art Room desk to be used for your custom design. The file formats listed previously are preferred.
  • Do not change your file’s format, file size or file extension letters to make it easier to email. Changing the file extension does not convert the file to a new format and may result in breaking the file. If you are having issues uploading your file, please email at artroom@rossisports.com
  • If your artwork is of a lower quality, our in-house artists may be able to redraw your design. Any graphics work or art modifications that will be charged as a create artwork fee.

The Art Room Desk will review your artwork to determine the complexity of the redraw and provide you with a quote if needed. Please note that the art charge is a one-time fee per unique design, logo or graphic. Any artwork created for you by the Art Room Desk will be kept on file for future orders.


Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives are here to assist with your order. For help and our best pricing on large, complex orders, decoration or product options not available on site, youth & adult combos, multiple styles & colors, bundles and package deals, or any other option not found online, call us for a free artwork evaluation or additional assistance, at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com.

Most custom products are delivered in approximately one week.
In-stock, blank products can typically be delivered within one business day.
Order processing begins the next business day after an order is submitted. If the order requires artwork or embroidery approval, processing time begins the next business day after the design or logo is approved in writing (via email). Any delays in final design approval will delay your order.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept payment in Cash, Certified Cheques, American Express, MasterCard and VISA.

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations


3Star Sportswear cares about your satisfaction, and offers a limited guarantee for custom products. If your custom product has flaws or defects in workmanship, we will immediately repair your item(s). Before returning any items, you must notify our Customer Service or call us at 1-868-638-2170 Ext 226, Mon. – Fri. 8.30am – 4.30pm AST or email us at info@rossisports.com
Please note that the Customer Service team may request photos of the items or ask for them to be returned to confirm production or sizing issues.

Dye lot variances (slightly different shades of a color) are not considered flaws or defects, and are beyond our control. Such color variances are the results of different cuts of fabric, either within a single supplier or when comparing orders from multiple suppliers. Each bolt of fabric may hold color in a slightly different way. Our suppliers make every effort to complete individual orders from within a single bolt, but cannot guarantee that the color of an order you place today will exactly match an order you placed previously or even that every piece within a single order will be the exact same hue.
After 7 days, we can no longer accept any returns or offer refunds as many of our suppliers will not take products back after this period of time.
If you are exchanging blank items for different sizes, colors, etc., standard shipping rates will apply.
Please review your order carefully before making a purchase. Misspelled names, wrong sizes or incorrect text are the most common pre-order mistakes. By submitting your order, you are saying that all of the information contained in the order is correct and meets your approval.
If you notice an error in your confirmation email, you must contact us immediately to make any necessary corrections. If errors are not caught prior to production, we cannot offer a refund or an option to exchange as each custom product is made-to-order.
3Star Sportswear Limited reserves the right to alter the size and/or layout of lettering, logo, or design so that it will fit imprint size restrictions and look attractive on the item ordered. Please note that the Online Designer preview is meant only to serve as a general representation of the final product and may not be exact.


We hope you never have to cancel an order with us, but we understand that it sometimes happens. To cancel your order, contact us via email or fax with a written notification. This must be completed before the order is received and staged for personalization. Upon cancellation, there will be a 15% restocking fee for the garments (unless the cancellation is due to backorder). We are unable to refund digitizing and artwork fees, even for cancelled orders, once the files have been created.
In the unlikely event that a product is backordered and cannot be delivered on time, we will contact you immediately via email. You will be given the option to wait until the item is in stock, switch to a new product or cancel your order. Due to dye lot variances, some shading differences may sometimes occur beyond our control.

Terms & Policies

Anti-Sweat Shop Policy

3star Sportswear supports high standards for manufacturing labor conditions. Accordingly, we seek to work with suppliers who promote such standards within their operations.

Copyright & Licensed Apparel Policy

3Star Sportswear respects intellectual property and we ask our users to do the same. Our customers are responsible to see that the content they create does not infringe the rights of others. We do not knowingly reproduce copyrighted material and cannot accept any liability for copyright infringement for agreeing to reproduce a customer’s order. If you wish to have us reproduce a national brand logo or trademark we do require written proof that that you have permission to use that logo or trademark.
We will NOT decorate any of our apparel products with licensed college or professional teams sports logos as these require special licensing agreements with the colleges and sports leagues.
We respect the rights to free expression and enjoy giving our customers an opportunity to express themselves through our products. We do have a few content guidelines that are customers are asked to abide by. The following content is not permitted at 3Star Sportswear:

  • No text or images that infringe on intellectual property rights to include copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity.
  • No text or images that encourages or glorifies drug use/abuse.
  • No excessive violence, hate, threatening, or otherwise harmful content.
  • No content that is libelous or defamatory.
  • No content that can reasonably be viewed as discriminatory based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.

Orders deemed unacceptable by these guidelines at the sole judgment of 3Star Sportswear will be cancelled and removed from our Share and Sell marketplace (if applicable) with or without notice.