Let’s Create LSS3 Ladies T-Shirts. (x 23)

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Fabric Cost: 145GSM Interlock WET/DRY 100% Polyester
Collar Cost: V-Neck Collar
Choose Collar Colour: Yellow
Choose Base Colour: Aqua Deep
Choose Design Colour 1: Yellow
Choose Design Colour 2: Jade
Rossi Logo: Aqua Deep


Let's Create Ladies T-Shirts LSS3

Fabric Cost 145GSM Interlock WET/DRY 100% Polyester
Collar Cost V-Neck Collar
Choose Collar Colour Yellow ( #fff216)
Choose Base Colour Aqua Deep ( #005244)
Choose Design Colour 1 Yellow ( #fff216)
Choose Design Colour 2 Jade ( #00ac5c)
Rossi Logo Aqua Deep ( #005244)
Key Image Download
logo-key-example https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/3468211079800056?distributorId=68909068&download=True
logo-key-example https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/5084269018684059?distributorId=68909068&download=True
logo-key-example https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/5493892938905756?distributorId=68909068&download=True
Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
name-text-key-example Macy S. Orbitron #fff216 #ffcccc 2 0
number-text-key-example 6 Orbitron #fff216 #005244 2 0
Team: Diego Martin Central Secondary School

Name Number Size Sku
Kylie K. 7 S S
Selena R. 10 S S
Rebecca B. 4 M M
Kayla C. 13 M M
Sadira L. 18 S S
Kyla T. 17 S S
Nneka H. 16 M M
Alexandria B. 5 S S
Calissa A. 12 S S
Faith W. 20 S S
Kamaria W. 3 S S
Keziah M. 21 M M
Kiana N. 15 S S
Naima J. 14 S S
Saria B. 9 S S
Takara M. 8 M M
22 S S
23 S S
24 S S
Kalisha P. 19 M M
Mariah W. 11 M M
Macy S. 6 S S
25 M M


Size Sku Quantity
S S 15
M M 8


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