Let’s Create S14 Soccer Mens Jersey. (x 15)

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Fabric Cost: 145GSM Interlock WET/DRY 100% Polyester
Choose Collar Colour: White
Choose Hem Colour: White
Choose Sleeve Colour: Navy
Choose Base Colour: Navy
Choose Design Colour 1: Black
Choose Design Colour 2: Chathams Blue
Choose Design Colour 3: Shuttle Gray
: Navy


Let's Create Soccer Mens Jersey S14

Fabric Cost 145GSM Interlock WET/DRY 100% Polyester
Choose Collar Colour White ( #ffffff)
Choose Hem Colour White ( #ffffff)
Choose Sleeve Colour Navy ( #001548)
Choose Base Colour Navy ( #001548)
Choose Design Colour 1 Black ( #222222)
Choose Design Colour 2 Chathams Blue ( #133880)
Choose Design Colour 3 Shuttle Gray ( #4d525a)
Navy ( #001548)
Key Image Download
front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/7777210513533038?distributorId=68909068&download=True
front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/4479627969943763?distributorId=68909068&download=True
front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/7637535084017616?distributorId=68909068&download=True
front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/6961028598579451?distributorId=68909068&download=True
Back-Logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/6068968467664515?distributorId=68909068&download=True
Back-Logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/1549983700660971?distributorId=68909068&download=True
Back-Logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/1599701213458758?distributorId=68909068&download=True
front-logo https://api.kitbuilder.co.uk/api/File/2542077810640583?distributorId=68909068&download=True
Key Text Font Colour Weight Style Stroke Stroke Width Stroke 2 Stroke 2 Width
name-text Impact #ffffff #ffffff 1px 0
number-text 10 Impact #ffffff #001548 10px 0
BackNumber 10 Impact #ffffff #001548 10px 0

Name Number Size Sku
23 Large large
21 XL xl
4 Medium m
7 Large large
12 Medium m
8 Medium m
11 Large large
9 Medium m
14 Large large
10 Large large
27 Medium m
5 Large large
16 Medium m
6 Medium m
3 Large large


Size Sku Quantity
Medium m 7
Large large 7
XL xl 1


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